Welcome Message


imageIt is an honour and a great pleasure to invite all those involved in professional psychotherapy and counselling to come together from 31st August to 2nd September in Kuching, Malaysia for the 8th Pan Asian Congress for Psychotherapy.

The congress theme: “Mystery, Uncertainty, Growth & Psychotherapy” promises to be a powerful motivator for exploring new aspects of psychotherapy and exchange of professional experience from around the world.

We dream of a congress which will have a fruitful space for discussion, instructional sessions, symposia, round tables and workshops. A congress where everybody is an active participant and contributes to the discussion.
We are looking forward to meet Malaysia and its professionals, as well as professionals and people interested in fascinating field of psychotherapy and counselling from all over the world.

It is my privilege and my pleasure, as Asian Federation for Psychotherapy President to warmly welcome you to the 8th Pan Asian Congress for Psychotherapy in Kuching and to wish you a fruitful meeting as well as memorable social events.

Prof. Victor Makarov
President of WPCA 2015